Safety Tips

Enjoyment of your pool depends on keeping everyone safe in and around it. Pool owners should always stress safety, and children should never be left near a pool unattended even for a minute.


Keep these guidelines in mind when using your pool with family and friends:

  • Insist on responsible adult supervision at all times.
  • Install and maintain appropriate fences, gates, alarms and other safety equipment as needed. Make sure fences are at least five feet high, separating the pool from the residence. The area around the fence should be clear of any object that could aid a child in climbing over.
  • Consider installing additional safeguards such as safety covers, door and gate alarms and motion detectors.
  • Make sure adults supervising your pool learn CPR, first aid and rescue techniques, and keep emergency guidelines and numbers by the pool at all times. Make sure a telephone is available at poolside, and keep rescue equipment such as a shepherd’s hook and lifesaving ring within easy reach.