Pool Party Ideas

Make the most of your pool by hosting themed parties! Most pool party ideas require little preparation but will create lasting memories.

Beach Party

Use colorful beach towels for tablecloths, seashells as centerpieces, and fill buckets with sand and tie helium balloons to the handles to surround the pool area. Float toy boats and beach balls in the pool, play beach music and organize games. Serve classic boardwalk food such as popcorn, snow cones, French fries and hot dogs, or go all out with a clam bake, oyster roast or lobster feast.

Hawaiian Luau

Luau decorations are plentiful and inexpensive in party stores. You’ll find festive tiki torches, tropical flowers, leis and more. Play themed games and serve Hawaiian foods, fresh fruit and colorful tropical drinks.

Movie Night

Instead of going to a drive-in, have a “float-in!” Purchase inflatable lounge chairs at your local pool retailer and move your big-screen TV outside. Pick a favorite classic or a water-themed movie such as “The Little Mermaid,” “Finding Nemo” or even “Jaws.” Set up a “concession stand” and serve popcorn, candy and drinks.